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The Crooked Stick

The Crooked Stick Brewing Company

Beginnings : I started to think of brewing beer on our farm Hebron way back in the 1990’s. A friend and fellow beer lover from the UK and I looked at a possible project . In those days there was very little information available for home brewers. Equipment was expensive and geared for bigger operations and the idea was shelved. In 2014 thoughts about brewing beer on the farm resurfaced and a start was made. I bought a kit from a supplier in Jo’burg and set to work in the kitchen. Initial results were mixed but with perserverance some progress was made and soon full grain brewing was under way. A suitable premises was sought and it was decided to restore three old structures namely the old milk separating room, the adjoining engine room a delapidated structure which housed the motor used to drive the waterpump at the borehole and a cement water tank.

Water on Hebron : Water is a vital ingredient in making beer so much so that certain places have become famous for the beers they brew using particular water profiles (eg Burton on Trent,Dublin ,Pilsen) The water used here originates from age old underground systems which has been used to nourish inhabitants for over 100 years. It is high in alkalinity similar to Burton and contains nutrients which provide the beer with smoothness and flavour. The water and resulting beer is unfiltered and not pasteurized although the water is boiled before use.

The Beer we make : The trademark is a delicious smooth taste and copper to amber in colour. Most of the beers to date have followed the English Pale Ale style using pale , amber , crystal malts with some Vienna and Munich malts added in. Hops are generally English ale style hops such as East Kent Goldings and Fuggles.

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